Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet Spring Family Fun!!!

Spring has sprung!! The leaves are growing back on the trees. Flowers are blossoming everywhere. Wild flowers are bursting with color. The rolling hills are a deep green. However, the weather hasn't decided yet if it wants to be hot or cold. Lately, it's been swinging from one extreme to the other. Hot. Cold. Cold. Hot. Some rain here and there. But, the incredibly beautiful sunny California days dominate.

Easter has come and gone. My birthday came and went. The best part of this time of year is spending some very sweet, quality time with my family during Spring Break.

We started our week-long vacation on a high note with a trip to a Dodger Game~where we sat right behind home plate. While Gary, Eric and I went to the baseball game with Gramps, the girls went with their Nana to the Zoo. Oh how my girls love the Zoo!! And my boys love Baseball. I'm happy doing anything as long as I'm doing it with those I love.

Easter Sunday we throughly enjoyed a Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. It was an Easter Celebration filled with sweet food and feel-good music. The Easter Bunny even left the kids each baskets filled with all sorts of sweet treats.

Shortly after Easter, came my birthday! We celebrated with friends and family in the Los Angeles area. I absolutely love Mexican food and wanted to have a fun celebration, so we went to my favorite place, Los Torros, and shared good grub and times with some very special friends.

The following day we traveled North to Santa Barbara. This is where we made truly great family memories!

Thankfully we were able to get in some much needed R&R! We relaxed in the spa. We dined on fabulous food. We sat on our balcony and stared at the calming ocean.

But, the best part, was riding this sweet surrey a total of 10 miles together as a family!!! We pedaled and pedaled and pedaled.

It was total team work!! Although I'd easily classify this activity as exercise, it was a BLAST!! In fact, the kids loved it so much we did it two days in a row.

We even took it off the bike path down streets not designated for this particular bike~fortunately, we didn't get caught and get a ticket!

We did discover it was the ideal way to tour Santa Barbara. I think I can safely say we saw most of this American Riviera on a bicycle built for 8! Pretty. Sweet. Don't you think? I want to buy one and tool around my neighborhood on it. Pick the kids up from school. It would be our way of going "green".

Sweet. Sweet. Times. To be remembered by all for a lifetime.

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