Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Summer Travels....

Grand Tetons

Why does summer always have to go by so fast?  I guess time does fly when you're having fun! And we certainly had a lot of that over the past couple months.  I simply can't stop thinking about our sweet family road trip.  We visited with family and friends in Utah. We drove from Sunny Southern California up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and toured Yellowstone National Park.

We saw so much gorgeous, stunning scenery.  The sky. I loved the sky.  It was always clear blue with puffy white clouds.  I couldn't get over how outstanding it all was.  It. Was. Breathtaking. During this trip, I realized just how lucky I am to live in the Western portion of the US where there is so much beautiful topography to experience and explore!  The kids loved it! I must add that they were absolute angels the entire trip. And that was truly wonderful since we spent a lot of time together in our sweet Honda Pilot~2,000 miles of togetherness to be exact! When we pulled back into our driveway after a week packed full of fun memories, we all felt closer to one another and grateful for the love our family shares. It was a trip we all needed. Plus, it was the perfect way to end our summer. It was priceless

Here's a sneak peak at some of what we saw...I am going to post the rest of the photos from our trip on our family website at

Old Faithful being Faithful

Eric & Katie hiked all the way down the side of this canyon to get a good look at this beautiful waterfall!

Megan loved watching movies during the long car rides

Yellowstone's Colorful Thermal Features

Gorgeous Waterfalls, Rivers & Streams

The kids & I taking in the beautiful sights and sounds

I have to say, that after such a sweet, successful road trip there are definitely more in our future.  I am excited and look forward to each of them!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet BLUE Eyes!

Eric was born with the BLUEST of eyes! 
Since he was a baby, 
I have heard on a daily basis, how beautiful his blue eyes are.
Just look at them!
Sure, as his mom I am biased.  
But they are an amazingly gorgeous feature of his.
They stop people in their tracks.
I am certain girls are going to be lining up...
waiting for a date with Eric when he is older.
I really wish I could collect a dollar from each person 
that pays him a compliment.
 It would be fun!!  And funny!!
  Can you imagine!?  
Someone coming up to Eric & saying, 
"You have the most beautiful blue eyes!"  My reply: "That'll be $1.00, please".  
Because if I'd done that since I first heard those remarks
...and did that now, 
Eric would be one RICH 10 year old!!
I am certain his college education would already be paid for.
Plus, he'd have a killer nest egg.
Maybe I should start. Just as an experiment.  
Beautiful. Blue. Eyes.
I love looking into them.
They are sweet.
What A Lucky Boy.