Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet Tasting Ribs....

Once again I let the craziness of life get ahead of me and the result: No blog posts since last year before Christmas! So I'm back...and have a lot to catch up on and share with you all. Today I will start off by sharing one of my favorite recipes. Before I do, let me just say, I love good BBQ ribs! Eating is so much fun when you can pick it up with your hands and get all dirty! It is even better when you are eating flavorful, tender meat that is falling off the bone! It's worth the mess!

I would love to have pictures of my ribs for you to see so that you know what they look like when they are finished cooking and are ready to eat. However, my family had to put up with the delicious smell of ribs cooking all day yesterday. So when it came time to eat, there was no time to pull out the camera and do a "rib photo shoot". This is where your imaginations come in handy. Imagine the smell. Imagine how they looked when I took them out of the oven...all caramelized with sweet tasting BBQ sauce clinging to the meat.

This is my own recipe. And it's good. Oh. So. Good.

Are you ready?

It's really quite simple. And that is what I love about this recipe. It not only tastes amazing, preparation time is short.


Oh. I asked that question.

5-6 Pounds Pork Ribs (that is just what I buy for my family of 5--two adults and 3 kids)

Worcestershire Sauce

Olive Oil

Liquid Smoke

Smoky Barbecue Rub (I use Pampered Chef because it's the best I have found!)

Barbecue Sauce (I use Bulls Eye Brown Sugar and Hickory)

How To:

1. Take the ribs out of their packaging (really that's a given--just thought I'd remind you!)
2. Cut them in half (I do this so they are easier to manage and fit in my crockpot)
3. Pour olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke all over ribs to coat
(I do not measure-sorry)

4. Generously sprinkle Smoky Barbecue Rub all over ribs--back and front
5. Rub the spice into the meat-mixing the liquids and spice all together--Give it a good massage!
6. Place inside your crockpot
7. Cook on High for 4-6 hours (minimum 4)
Please Note: DO NOT ADD ANY LIQUID TO THE CROCKPOT (the ribs will produce their own juices and keep the meat moist, tender and flavorful)

8. Once the ribs are done cooking (I like to see that they are almost falling off the bone-look loose), I take them out of the crockpot and place them on a foil-lined cookie sheet
9. Baste the ribs with BBQ sauce (your choice)
10. Fire up your grill outside or heat up your broiler. Broil ribs until they are nicely caramelized (keep an eye on them--this goes very fast!)
11. Remove from oven/grill
12. Eat. Get Messy. Enjoy.

When my husband cooks these ribs, he heads outside and cooks them entirely on the grill. He has some mad barbecuing skills. He cooks them at a low temperature for several hours. They are mouth wateringly (that's not a word) good!

I encourage you all to give this sweet recipe a try. I promise you will love them! We have these on Superbowl Sunday, Fourth of July, etc. They are a favorite at the Bluemel house. Even my somewhat picky eater kids devour them!

I love ribs.

But who doesn't?

This was my secret recipe, until now.

Too good not to share. Enjoy.