Monday, April 5, 2010

A Sweet NEW Reader!

Last week I went with the kids to Open House Night at Megan's Elementary School. I always try to go because I know first hand just how much time, energy and effort BOTH the teachers and students put into getting everything ready for the parents to see and experience in the classroom. I especially like visiting Megan's Special Ed class because unfortunately, very few parents of Special Ed students go.

When we entered Megan's classroom there was just one other family there. The entire night only TWO families showed their support. It makes me so sad. Just another one of the harsh realities of having children with special needs. Some parents just don't seem to care what their children are doing at school. I, on the other hand, care immensely.

I'm so glad that we went! I wouldn't have missed it for the world! You know why? While there, I discovered that Megan is becoming quite the artist. She made a beautiful collage that resembled a dragon. It was hanging proudly on the wall! Usually, Megan doesn't have the attention span or interest in doing these types of things. But, this time she finished her project and did an amazingly beautiful job!

Then, Megan's teacher told me something so very sweet to my ears. She shared with me some of the most EXCITING news EVER!!!!!! Megan is STARTING to READ. Yes, you read that correctly. My 8 year old daughter with Down syndrome is actually starting to read!! WAHOOOOOOO!! I simply couldn't be more excited and happy for my sweet Megan!

I am learning to NEVER EVER underestimate the power of individuals living with Down syndrome. And especially the amazing capabilities my own daughter, Megan has. She truly does love reading and is becoming a sweet little reader!

(Sidenote: Before people with Down syndrome learn the alphabet and the sounds of the letters in the alphabet, they are taught to read. Yes, that's correct, they are taught to read words first!! Learning each individual letter of the alphabet is simply too abstract for them. It's easier to teach them to first read, then break each word down by it's letters and the sounds they make. Interesting, huh?)

Back to Megan. The other day my home became awfully quiet. When it becomes that peaceful, I immediately panic. I stop whatever it is I'm doing and go on my "where are each of my children hunt". This time I was specifically looking for Megan. First, I checked the obvious, the guest room--where Megan loves to plop herself in front of the TV and watch all her favorite shows. NO Megan!! So I quickly ran upstairs. Much to my relief I found her in Eric's room--which is where my sweet book collection is kept.

This is the sight I found......the girl LOVES to read.....
Totally engrossed.
She will look at every page very carefully to decode the story.
Just look at how fixated and focused she is...
She's always surrounded by LOTS of books.
She never pulls just ONE off the shelf.
See how happy she is reading?
No doubt about it, Megan is one sweet little reader.
And I couldn't be more proud of her!

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My name is Sarah said...

Good reading Megan. I used to love the Berenstain Bears too. I like your bow:)