Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweet Summery Flowers

I love flowers.

And planting flowers in my garden.

Their bright colors

put a smile on my face.

I'm feeling the need,

the urge,

to plant more.

I've come to the conclusion that my yard

could use a bit more color.

But these beauties...

I absolutely adore.

They get a lot of tender loving care.

Because I think if they died,

I would feel sad.

Sad that my little piece of heaven,


is gone.

And for that reason,

there will always be flowers in my garden.


I'd love to create an oasis.

A place where we can retreat to

and relax from our busy lives.

Colorful flowers make me

feel cheerful. Calm.


And when I gaze at them

through my kitchen window

I smile.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Summer Merriment! Part I

Summer has officially been in session
ONE month!
That only leaves us
weeks of summer.
I know. I know.
That's actually
a lot of time.
But so much to do.
So little time.

The last FOUR weeks
have been an absolute

What exactly have we done?
Are you ready for this???
It's simply too much to share
all at once!!
I'm going to break it up.
Into parts.

Part I
Sweet Summer Merriment
Bluemel Family Style!!

We kicked our Bluemel Family Summer Vacation
off with a sweet trip
to the San Diego State Fair!
It was a full, fun day.
In fact,
I don't think we left
until it was almost midnight.
Because we made sure we did everything.

We rode many rides.

Watched a few shows~
Like The Purina Dog Challenge.
And cute little pigs racing around a track.
We paid a visit to all the Animals...
Rastafarian Sheep
And Huge Cows...
The girls went on a few pony rides...
And we got a sneak peak at a
six-foot pony.
I mean stallion.
We played games and won prizes.
Ate lots of delicious...
Fair Food.
Because you know.
You haven't been to the fair
unless you've eaten
fair food.
Bad for your heart.
And waistline kinds of foods.
But once a year,
I think it's okay.
to indulge.

It's all about the experience.
And wearing the kids out....
Eric, Megan & Katie LOVED
the San Diego State Fair.
It was truly a beautiful day.
A fantastically fun day.
And a perfect start to our

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cherishing Sweet Life

If there is one thing in life
I truly cherish,
I'd have to say that it is my
And especially each one of my

I cherish the time we spend together.
The fun & playful times.
The special times.
The quiet times.

And I have found that
you can never dish out too many kisses.
Or give too many hugs.

And even better,
you can never get too many kisses.
Or get too many hugs.

Plenty of
"I love you's"
are exchanged
everyday in our home.

With Eric
I always request
"Eric HUG"
Which are so sweet.
And never in short
Above Eric's bed is the quote,
"I Love You to the Moon and Back"
Which is true.

With Megan
I must hear these words,
"I love you mum mum"
countless times each day.
Along with dozens of
hugs and kisses which she shares
not only with me,
but with just about

is my cuddle bug.
She and I cuddle together.
And kiss noses.
She leaves me love notes.
Which are
hanging from magnets
All over my fridge.
My favorite one reads,
"I wuv mom"!

Love notes are
left in lunches.
On beds.
Sent as texts.
And stuck on bathroom

There certainly is an abundance
of love in our home.
And affection.
And for that, I am deeply

This past holiday weekend,
I learned of a childhood
friend's almost 10 year old boy
and pride and joy,
passing away in a tragic
boating accident.
{Read about this amazing family here: Harris Beach Bums}
This incident has
reminded me to
never take my loved
for granted.
And the special
moments we share together.

I truly cherish the hugs.
The kisses.
The fun times.
The quiet times.
The love notes.
The "I love you's".
so much more now.

And most importantly,
I've been reminded
of how vital it is
to keep the one's you
love close around

And when you
do, you will
those sweet, tender moments
you share together~
Forever....and ever.