Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Spring Cleaning!

We have 28,818 photos and 148 movies currently stored in iphoto on our mac computer. Let me repeat that~28,818 PHOTOS shot over approximately 7 years!!! Mathematically speaking, that's about 4,100 pictures taken each year since we bought our first digital camera. Chronicling our family. And EVERY photo holds a sweet memory. But just one thing. EVERYpicture is sitting on a hard drive. Which is scary. Very. Very. SCARY!! They aren't published in pretty books to look at and enjoy. Or hanging in a beautiful home gallery, for that matter. So, I've decided to fix this horrific problem. Immediately!

Just how, you ask, am I resolving this depressing issue? I'm doing a little "Spring Cleaning", if you will. I'm going through all 28,818 of our photos and turning them into books for our family and others to enjoy. In addition, I'm even working on putting together a stunning photo gallery in our home. It is, however, quite an enormous, task. Fortunately, it's a fun one. This is the kind of spring cleaning I do find enjoyable. It's sweet. It brings back floods of memories. Some of which I will share right here!

For instance, here is ONE of the reasons WHY we moved back to California from Boston, Massachusetts. Nor'easters which left us digging ourselves out. Winter after winter. And, to be quite honest, more than we wanted or liked to.

Boston. Winter 2003

{check it out. eric is sitting level with the bumper on my van!}

Back to why I'm doing this Photo Spring Cleaning. I openly admit that it was my baby, Katie who motivated me to tackle this enormous project. She is the only child who was born in the age of digital photography. So while her brother and sister have baby albums, she does not. She discovered this sad fact recently. I feel bad that she had to ask me to make her one! What kind of mother am I? My poor baby doesn't have a baby album. Or any album, for that matter. If she wants to see her life in photos, we have to sit down together, turn the computer on, open iphoto, and then search for all the pictures of her throughout the years.

I figured for her seventh birthday in June, she'll get the best birthday gift ever. Photo albums. Yes, plural. There will be albums tracking her first 7 years of life which I know she'll cherish. I can't wait to see the finished product. And more than anything, I can't wait to see the look on her face as she opens each book and looks at the story of her life. So far.

Here are some precious photos of Katie which I came across today while Spring Cleaning in iphoto. These adorable pictures will appear in Katie's storybook of life....

Katie Then
Almost 7 years ago....

Katie Now....
Such a Beautiful Little Girl!

I could sit for hours, daily, looking through each and every one of our photos. It's truly entertaining seeing where we've been. What we've done. How we've all grown and changed over the years. And I would say that our 28,818 photos make up one sweet family story. Because each of us has a story. That is the very reason why I love writing this blog. It's my story. Which I choose to share with you. Hopefully, you find it as sweet as I do. Soon it'll be published into beautiful books. Finally. The best part~they will be a family treasure. Which we can enjoy and actually look at without having to turn on the computer.

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To Love Endlessly said...

Holy! That's a lot of pictures. I bet you are going to have fun going through all those pictures. Keep them coming. :-)