Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A SWEET Find....Literally!


Because of Lovin's Mission~
Which is this:
Lovin’ Scoopful’s goal is to create as many smiles as possible. Not only are we creating smiles on the faces of our customers but also on the faces of so many others that benefit from our donations. Lovin’ donates 25% of its post tax profits ($50,000 minimum annually) to Special Olympics. Ice cream and Special Olympics make for a great foundation on which to build the Lovin’ brand. Ultimately we hope to introduce many products; each donating proceeds to a unique cause that helps power the human spirit.

Now how SWEET is that?!?!
So. This is how I found it...
I was shopping at Albertson's Grocery Store yesterday. Since I'm on a diet, I was searching for a Light Ice Cream. Immediately, the NAME of the ice cream and the cute HEART SHAPED Ice Cream Scoop caught my eye. In fact, I think it almost jumped off the shelf of the freezer and into my cart! I grabbed ahold of the cold carton and began reading. And wouldn't you know it!! Right there on the back was Lovin's Mission Statement. I was immediately Lovin' this ice cream without even tasting it!
I was lovin' the fact that they support something so near and dear to my heart.
I know when Megan is a bit older, she'll participate in the Special Olympics. And I am more than grateful for companies, organizations and people who invest in those living with special needs and their future. So this blog entry is a HUGE THANK YOU to Lovin' Ice Cream for believing and contributing to individuals like my Megan~who will put a smile on your face instantly! And Ice Cream just happens to be her favorite dessert too.
I had a bowl of Lovin' Cookies and Cream Light Ice Cream before bed last night.
And it was SWEET!
Please visit Lovin' Scoopful's Sweet Website: http://www.lovinscoopful.com/home.aspx

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Lovin' Scoopful said...

Thank you Lisa! Megan looks like a beautiful little ray of sunshine and seeing the sweet smile on her face is why we do what we do. Lovin' Scoopful is here for you. -Tamara Gordy, Lovin' Scoopful