Friday, March 5, 2010

Target~Sweet, Sweet Target

Target. Sweet, sweet Target. Every woman's favorite store! On the planet. Seriously. In fact, I think it's safe to say that each one of us women are guilty of spending our husband's entire paychecks there {or close to it}!
Tonight, I took all three of the kids. {Mistake}. We did have a goal and a list
{which is crucial and required before setting foot inside this store full of temptation}.

Goal #1: grab a few odds and ends for the house.
Goal #2: To pick out and buy a birthday gift for one of Katie's bff's who's having a birthday party this weekend.

After raising children for 10 years,
I have found that when you take kids, or at least typical kids,
into the toy section of a store, inevitably they always want something. At least my kids do. Really, I don't blame them! It's fun to shop. And it's fun getting something new! Eric and Katie are the pros. These two are sure to find something that suits their fancy. Everytime. Megan, on the other hand, points out what she is interested in "looking" at. Let me repeat that. Looking at. Megan never really asks for anything. She is perfectly content on looking, exploring and then putting each toy safely back on the shelf for someone else to buy. I love that about her. Simple. And saves me money. Amazingly, she never yells, screams, or throws a tantrum because I won't buy her something! Sweet, huh? Every kid should be like that!
{Sidenote: Eric and Katie don't usually get too upset if I don't buy them something. But they have had their moments. Just like every other kid.}

However, tonight, something truly comical happened.
As I went down the oral hygiene isle to pick up my favorite portable tooth brushes
{Colgate Wisps},

Megan grabbed a tube of Spongebob toothpaste right off the shelf.

All by herself. From inside the cart! Because that's what she wanted me to buy for her.
Not a doll. Not Legos. A book. Or movie. A tube of Spongebob toothpaste. The irony: Megan absolutely HATES having her teeth brushed. She HATES the dentist. But, apparently tonight she changed her mind. While she proudly held that tube of Spongebob toothpaste in her little hand, she happily said, "brush teeth!"
Right on, Megan! So if that's all it takes to make brushing her teeth a more positive, enjoyable experience, then it was worth purchasing. Even if it wasn't on my list.
It did put a sweet smile on her cute face!
Mainly because she loves Spongebob more than brushing her teeth!
I know that for a fact.

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To Love Endlessly said...

sweet, sweet Target and sweet, sweet kiddos! I just stared following your blog. I LOVE Target too & had to laugh when I saw that Megan grabbed toothpaste as her "perfect find". Its the simple things in life that matter, like spongebob toothpaste. ;-)