Friday, February 19, 2010

A SWEET 8th Birthday Celebration!!!

What's Megan's Favorite Holiday????


ESPECIALLY when it's HER Birthday!

Megan just celebrated her 8th Birthday, January 31st!
It was a Barbie Birthday Bash! Cause Megan LOVES Barbies!
Sweet, huh?!?!

Megan sings Happy Birthday EVERYDAY,
regardless if it is someone's birthday or not!

For Valentine's Day, we took Megan and her sister Katie to Build-A-Bear for a special treat! Megan chose a Hello Kitty.
What special sound chip did Megan choose to put inside her Kitty, you ask?

Of course, it's her favorite song, "Happy Birthday"!

She plays with it NON-STOP! Her Hello Kitty sounds like a broken record. We hear it again. And again. And again. And somehow, for Megan, it NEVER gets old! Isn't that sweet?

{Look carefully! If you look into the mirror, you can see that Megan is pushing on the Hello Kitty's right paw~which is where the sound chip is. And just look at the pleasant smile on her face as she's listening to her favorite song!}

Megan is not the kind of child who asks for specific "things" she wants for her birthday. Alls she cares about is having a cake, being sung to, and blowing her birthday candles out.

This is yet, just another example of how Megan teaches us how to enjoy all the LITTLE things in life. We don't need expensive gifts. Or huge parties.
Just a simple, sweet song is all:

"Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Megan.
Happy Birthday to you."

And with that, you have one SUPER-DUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!

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My name is Sarah said...

Happy, Happy 8th Birthday Megan. I love your cake. It looks like you had a good time on your special day.