Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sweetest Sleeper on the PLANET!

Megan Rose knows how to sleep!  
She is one sweet sleeper!  
And just maybe the best on the planet!  
 Megan doesn't need a bed.
She can fall asleep anywhere.  Anytime.  In Crazy Positions. 
 I've seen her asleep standing up. Asleep on the stairs.  
 When she's tired, she simply shuts her eyes.  
And is off in dreamland.  Instantly. 
I recently discovered I have countless pictures of Megan sleeping.  
These are some of my favorite.  
I will post more later.  This is Part I.

Christmas Eve 2008 {she slept through our reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"}

She can fall asleep while eating

I loved her positioning on the floor in this one...

Thankful she didn't fall asleep on the dog bed behind her...

In the car...with her sister

Highchair {here she is probably 1 years old}

Sometime she goes into the guest room and puts herself to bed 
when she's tired and checking out for the day

Amazingly, she can sleep in any position

Playing hard in her highchair = NAP 

Peacefully sleeping in her bed with her favorite Disney friend, "Lumpy"

Using a Pull-up as a Pillow! And perfectly comfortable!

Exhausted from a long day at school. 
 No time to take off the backpack.  Just came in and crashed.

In front of the TV.  Comfy. Cozy. Cuddling with a BIG BLUE Pillow!

4th of July 2006 
Worn out from all the Partying 

I am sooooo.....thankful Megan is a such good sleeper.  Of all the kids, I am always amazed at the fact that when she's tired, she doesn't wait for us to lay her down for a nap or put her to bed.  When she's very tired, she does it all on her own.  Sweet Dreams.


My name is Sarah said...

Too, too cute. I have pictures of me like that when I was little. I still sleep really well but not in those crazy positions:)

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, that is too cute!