Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweet Sweet Katie-Kate

Katie-Kate.  My baby.  My BIG girl now.  Or so she thinks she is!  Just look at that smile and those blue eyes. It's enough to melt anyone's heart.  She has mine over and over again.  But then again, each of my sweet children have countless times.

Let me tell you a little about Katie. She joined our family at the perfect time. Seriously. Perfect! She is 17 months younger than her sister, Megan.  And that in and of itself, is a beautiful thing.  Katie is always helping her sister. She plays with her and thinks nothing of the fact that her sister has Down syndrome.  She loves teaching her.  And it is clear that she loves Megan. A lot!  In many ways Katie has become the BIG sister.  Megan is so incredibly lucky to have such a sweet little sister to share her life with. They will undoubtedly have a special bond. Forever!

Last night when I went to the fridge to get myself a drink of water I noticed a new paper hanging from a flower magnet.  Immediately, I recognized Katie's writing.  I started reading.  It was totally Katie.

 This is what it said:   

"Katie List"
1.  Kep a i en on Megan. {Keep an eye on Megan}
2. Klien up {Clean up}
3. Set the tadl {Set the table}
4. lisin  {Listen}

I was taken back. Completely.  I thought it was awesome that she came up with these four items all on her own! I admit, I've suggested some of these "jobs" several times.  However, I have NEVER told Katie that she is responsible for "keeping an eye on her sister".  So, I found it interesting that she wrote that as her number one "job"!!   What is sweet, is that she has done just that since day one.  Katie has a big heart.  She is tender and oh, so sweet and kind.  

Katie has a wall hanging in her room which reads,  "Twinkle Twinkle in your Eyes, Are You and Angel in Disguise?"  I thought nothing of it when I purchased this at an adorable little boutique in Newport, Rhode Island. Katie was a baby at the time.  Initially, I just thought it was a cute quote.  And nothing more.  But now that it hangs in Katie's room and she is older, it has taken on significant meaning for me.  I've had 6 years of watching and observing Katie's interactions with her sister. Alls I can say is, she truly is an angel.  A sweet, sweet angel. I feel so incredibly blessed that she is my daughter. And a sister to both Eric and Megan.  She touches our lives and so many others.  And will throughout her entire life.  I love you, my sweet Katie-Kate.


Perplexing Situation said...

aww...what a nice post. I love that Katie made a list for herself and takes such good care of her baby sister.

Bethany said...

Aww what a beautiful little girl! Just wanted to say hi ... popped over here from I can't remember where! LOL