Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ice Cream is Sweet to Eat

Megan's Favorite Sweet Treat

When Megan was younger, she hated ice cream.  It was far too cold for her little mouth!  Then one day she woke up and realized how truly good it is.  And since that day, she comes into the kitchen at the same time every evening asking for a bowl of her favorite sweet treat.  What's funny is it's always BEFORE dinner.  I think if you were to look at the clock, it'd be the exact same time each day.  She's scary like that. Megan has an amazing internal clock!  I don't know how she does it!  Anyway, back to the ice cream. She will also eat it year round!  It doesn't matter if it's minus 30 degrees outside {thank heavens we left that kind of weather behind in Boston 5 years ago}, this little princess of mine has to have it!  The other day was hysterical!  While I was in the living room cleaning, I heard the freezer door open.  Then the silverware drawer.  I knew instantly what was going on.  As I walked into the kitchen this is the scene I found.  A half gallon of Dryers ice cream sitting on the table.  At the other end, Megan was sitting with an entire container of Ben & Jerry's open in front of her.  Spoon in hand.  Getting her fix. Before dinner of course. When I asked her this question, "Megan!  What are you doing?"  Her response was priceless!  She said, very clearly I might add, "I don't know!"  I died!  I couldn't stop laughing.  She had been caught red handed and she knew it!  Megan loves her ice cream!  I have to admit, ice cream is also one of my favorite sweet treats!  So I don't blame her!  Megan is a little girl who not only knows what she likes, but is a creature of routines.  This is just one example!  I love you, sweet Megan for always doing the cutest things!  You are sure great at making your family smile and laugh!!  Please excuse me everyone.  I need to stop writing now so that I can go get myself a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream.  I'm with Megan on this one.  Ice cream is the perfect sweet treat!

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Perplexing Situation said...

haha, that just made me laugh. you sure did catch her red handed. haha!