Monday, October 12, 2009

A Sweet Ride to School

Guess what she sees??


Arriving to Pick Up Megan & Take her to School

One thing I love about Megan is how excited she gets over some of the most simple things in life!  How many children are really this overjoyed to hop aboard a bus every morning at the crack of dawn to go to school? Megan is! And everyday it's the same level of enthusiasm and excitement!   Megan LOVES riding the BUS to school.  Let me say that again. Megan LOVES riding the school BUS!!  And when I say, LOVE, I mean, love, love, LOVE!  The girl wakes up every morning while it's still dark to catch the bus at 6:15 {really, in my opinion, it's too early.  But not to her.  She just goes with the flow. Another thing I'm thankful for with my sweet Megan}. Once she's dressed and ready for school, we open the blinds and wait patiently for it to pull up. And when it finally does, oh, boy!  It's quite the site to behold. Megan quickly throws her backpack on and RUNS out the door to get on.  Seriously.  She runs.  She can't wait.  She adores the bus and going to school!   When Megan comes home from school everyday, she heads straight upstairs to play "school" in her bedroom.  I'm thankful that she finds the bus and school so enjoyable.  This is currently her favorite book to read.  Are you surprised?  

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My name is Sarah said...

Oh that is so funny. I love the bus too:)