Friday, July 17, 2009

Sweet Shoe Confession....

Alright.  Confession time.  I am obsessed with shoes.  I L-O-V-E shoes. Love. Love. Love them!  But what female doesn't? Somehow I know I am not alone.  We all know shoes make THE outfit.  And for me, since I'm not tall and statuesque, I need shoes with a good heel on them to give me the extra height I need to fit into my clothes, PLUS it makes kissing my six foot two husband easier.  Today my favorite sale started.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  It's the one department store sale I trek to yearly.  We all know that Nordstrom has a killer woman's shoe section.  (I have to add that this is the sale I take my kids to, to let them pick out a few things to add to their Fall wardrobe for the coming school year~such great deals!!  So really I don't go JUST for the shoes).  I find shoes completely irresistible.  Just like a good dessert.  Shoes finish the outfit like a good dessert finishes a delicious meal.

Here are some of my favorites....

#1 Favorite~Nordsrom Here I Come...

Love the Flowers~Cute Casual!

Guess What?  I ADORE flip flops too.  I love how you can just slip them on so fast and run out the door to where ever it is you're going.  Target has some I like, for 2.99 which remind me of my childhood.  Funny thing, despite how inexpensive they are, they are also VERY comfortable! And an added benefit of these Target flip flops, I can just hose them down if I get something on them.  However, it's nice to have fancier ones too!  I like these:
Aren't these sweet? 
Then again, I love animal prints!

I could have pages and pages of shoes pictured here on my blog.   Of course, they are all on my sweet shoe wish list.  But I will be good and exercise some self control.  I think you get the idea. Once, while walking through Nordstrom, my sweet husband said to me, "I think if I gave you $10,000 to spend, you could spend it all easily on shoes!"  You know what?  I think he was right.  

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