Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Sisters

I adore my sweet sisters. All 3 of them.  There's Jan, Pam and Stephanie.  I am the last in my family. My mom and dad had 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy!  My brother, Chris, was stuck inbetween 4 girls!! Poor thing.  However, in my opinion, he is a very wonderful brother, husband  and father because of it!  A week ago my sister, Stephanie (the beautiful one in pink), who I am the closest to in age came to Southern California from Utah to visit with her adorable family.  It was good seeing her and the entire Nielsen brood.  But, just one thing. The visit was simply too short. The really good part~3 out of 4 sisters were fortunate enough to spend some quality time together.  Chatting away.  What sisters do best. We had so much fun!  I just wish my oldest sister, Jan could have been with us. Then this sweet photo, which I cherish,  of me with two of my sisters, would be complete.  

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mommy said...

My beautiful sisters!!!!!! Thanks so much for posting this! I think I will have it framed! I love you!