Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Vintage Guitars...

Music. Guitars. Amps. Eric Clapton.  Stevie Ray Vaughn.  My husband feels very passionately about these things!  I have come to love and appreciate them too, but of course I would venture to say, not to the same degree he does!  Eric Clapton is HUGE at our house.  He inspires my husband musically.  When I first met Gary in college, his guitar was always with him. The two never separated.When we started dating, he always serenaded me with many of Eric's songs.  Tears in Heaven. Layla.  And the list goes on. I was sold.  I would marry this man that brought a smile to my face every time he played his guitar just for me~singing every song from his heart.  After Gary and I married, three years later we decided to start our family.  During our much anticipated first ultrasound, with our first born, we were told that it'd be a BOY!  What would his name be, you ask? Why Eric, after Eric Clapton!  And if you're wondering what his middle name is, it's Taylor, after Taylor guitars.  So Eric Taylor, my 10 year old son's name, is entirely musical.  And one more thing...Gary's band, Woodshed, covered many of Eric Clapton's greatest songs during many of their shows.  So with that, now you all have a pretty good idea of just how important it was for us to go to this Vintage Guitar Show...we've seen Clapton in concert twice.  Now to get up close to Blackie, for Gary (and me), was a priceless experience.  
Recently, Guitar Center in Hollywood had a Vintage Guitar Road Show featuring two of Eric Clapton's most famous guitars--Blackie and his Gibson ES 335.  Both of which were purchased for close to a million each by Guitar Center at an Auction for Eric Clapton's Crossroads Rehab Center.  One of Stevie Ray Vaughn's Guitars was also on display~"Lenny".  Although these were the ONLY vintage guitars on display...they were the sweetest guitars to see up close.  This was a sweet exhibit which we made a very special trip up to Hollywood to experience together as a family. 

Before I go, I would like to add that Guitar Center Hollywood is one sweet place for music lovers and musicians alike.  They have an amazing Vintage Room anyone would drool in....

Music is a powerful force in our home.  I love it when Gary brings out his guitar.  He is one sweet musician.  

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