Sunday, October 10, 2010

Disneyland Halloween Trickery....& a Sweet Treat!

We tried to take the kids to Disneyland
this past weekend to see all the Halloween decorations and
go on a few rides.

Tried is the key word here.
Disneyland was a zoo.
Not an amusement park.
It was utter insanity.
Countless people had the same idea we did.
And amazingly we all converged on Disneyland at the exact same time.

We shuffled along.
through Adventure Land,
trying to make our way to Pirates of the Caribbean
and the Haunted House.
It took us 30 minutes just to navigate through
the crowd.

In that time,
I'm certain I rolled over
a half-dozen people's feet
with Megan's stroller.
Which made me feel horrible.
But how do you push a stroller
through a sea of people without
rolling over a few toes?

I have never seen so many frustrated
theme-park goers in one place at one time.
It went from the Happiest Place on Earth
to the Not-so-Happiest Place on Earth
in a flash.
And it definitely was NOT a Goulishly Good Time...

Having grown up in Southern California,
I've been to Disneyland
too many time to count.
And I have NEVER seen it like that!
It was baffling.
And far from magical.
At least this time around.

I think I can safely say
Disneyland was at full capacity.
Every line was hours long.
Even the handicap lines
{which we usually use},
extended for what seemed like miles.
Not worth the wait.
Not when you have season passes
and can pretty much go whenever you want.
I have to say,
I felt bad for those who were there on
vacation and don't have the luxury
of coming and going at their free-will.

we made the quickest exit possible.
And decided we'd
take a vacation day
from school soon.

With the hope that we can enjoy
all the Halloween festivities
on a future trip to Disneyland without
a million visitors there at the exact same time.
My fingers are crossed.

Instead of jumping on and off rides,
we sauntered through Downtown Disney.
And TREATED ourselves to a
little sweet dessert
at Haagan Daz.

I indulged and had a Brownies a la Mode Sundae
{which I shared with Megan}.
It was delicious.
And I don't want to know
how many calories it had.
And really if I'm being honest,
I don't care.
Not when it's one of my all time favorites.
And the perfect ending to an
entertaining evening together as a family.

Disneyland served up one thing over the weekend...
Halloween TRICKERY!
We thought we'd go and have a little Halloween fun,
instead to find it merely impossible.
Thankfully, there were no TRICKS at Haagan Daz.
Just a simply fabulous TREAT!

Trick or Treat!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Elisha said...

I like Halloween a lot but at disney land.Wow...It's such a great idea.Thanks for sharing.


Dhairya said...

Halloween at disney land...It's awesome idea.Thanks for posting.