Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweet Fossil Finds....

On a recent trip to the mall,
I came across the Fossil Jewelry line at Macy's.
I had no idea Fossil made such adorable accessories!
However, I did know they made nice leather purses.
I've had a few in my time.

I couldn't help myself and ended up buying a silver bracelet,
which goes with absolutely everything.
So, I just might wear it everyday.

But, after looking at their website,
I don't think this is going to be the only
piece I ever buy. Or wear.
I love it all.

Here are some of my favorites~

Such cute little delicate charms.

Beautiful Butterflies.
Fabulously feminine.

Organic. Earthy.

Fossil also has a whole line of charming charms.
Like the "a little luck" one featured above.
Charm bracelets are fun!
I've had a couple of those too in my time.

Accessories always add that finishing touch.
And the finishing touches are what it's all about in fashion.
I think.
I'm no fashionista.
I just like jewelry.
Earrings. Bracelets. Necklaces.

Fossil jewelry was truly a sweet find.
I'm so happy I found it.
Aren't you?

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