Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet BLUE Eyes!

Eric was born with the BLUEST of eyes! 
Since he was a baby, 
I have heard on a daily basis, how beautiful his blue eyes are.
Just look at them!
Sure, as his mom I am biased.  
But they are an amazingly gorgeous feature of his.
They stop people in their tracks.
I am certain girls are going to be lining up...
waiting for a date with Eric when he is older.
I really wish I could collect a dollar from each person 
that pays him a compliment.
 It would be fun!!  And funny!!
  Can you imagine!?  
Someone coming up to Eric & saying, 
"You have the most beautiful blue eyes!"  My reply: "That'll be $1.00, please".  
Because if I'd done that since I first heard those remarks
...and did that now, 
Eric would be one RICH 10 year old!!
I am certain his college education would already be paid for.
Plus, he'd have a killer nest egg.
Maybe I should start. Just as an experiment.  
Beautiful. Blue. Eyes.
I love looking into them.
They are sweet.
What A Lucky Boy.

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