Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Summer Merriment! Part I

Summer has officially been in session
ONE month!
That only leaves us
weeks of summer.
I know. I know.
That's actually
a lot of time.
But so much to do.
So little time.

The last FOUR weeks
have been an absolute

What exactly have we done?
Are you ready for this???
It's simply too much to share
all at once!!
I'm going to break it up.
Into parts.

Part I
Sweet Summer Merriment
Bluemel Family Style!!

We kicked our Bluemel Family Summer Vacation
off with a sweet trip
to the San Diego State Fair!
It was a full, fun day.
In fact,
I don't think we left
until it was almost midnight.
Because we made sure we did everything.

We rode many rides.

Watched a few shows~
Like The Purina Dog Challenge.
And cute little pigs racing around a track.
We paid a visit to all the Animals...
Rastafarian Sheep
And Huge Cows...
The girls went on a few pony rides...
And we got a sneak peak at a
six-foot pony.
I mean stallion.
We played games and won prizes.
Ate lots of delicious...
Fair Food.
Because you know.
You haven't been to the fair
unless you've eaten
fair food.
Bad for your heart.
And waistline kinds of foods.
But once a year,
I think it's okay.
to indulge.

It's all about the experience.
And wearing the kids out....
Eric, Megan & Katie LOVED
the San Diego State Fair.
It was truly a beautiful day.
A fantastically fun day.
And a perfect start to our

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