Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Magic!

Disneyland is definitely the happiest place on Earth!!

Two years in a row, we enjoyed having Disneyland passes.
That is, until we decided to take a break.
Because we didn't want Disneyland to lose its magic.
Well, another two years have passed since we had them.
So we recently invested once again.
And are currently the proud owners of Disneyland's Deluxe Season Passes.
Now we can go anytime.
With very few blackout days.
We will be going a lot this summer!

Since yesterday was Little Miss Katie's 7th Birthday
we celebrated BIG at Disneyland.

We had a really good time!
Just look at these photos.
And see for yourself.

These are some seriously happy kids.

It was a very, very, very, FUN day!!!!

We ended our family birthday party
with the Disneyland Fireworks Spectacular.
And it was just that.
Quite a spectacular show!!
For some reason, as I stood there
with my family around me,
watching the fireworks,
and listening to the music they are synchronized to,
a lump filled my throat.
There's nothing that brings me greater joy in
life, than to see my children grinning from
ear to ear as they look on in amazement.
Having the time of their lives.
With those they love.

Disneyland creates amazingly wonderful memories.
For people of all ages.
Especially when you're celebrating your 7th birthday.
Katie's 7th was a truly Magical one.

She even declared it her "best birthday ever!"
It was.
Just that.
Cheers to a magical 7th year, Little Miss Katie-Kate!!

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Christina said...

hey we have deluxe passes too--altho im not sure how brave (excited) i am to hit dland in the cranky that way!

looks like the family especially the bday girl had fun!!