Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let the "SWEET" Baking Begin....

My favorite time of year has arrived!!! At last! It's Fall! For me it is not only when the weather cools down--giving us that much needed relief from all the summer heat, but it means that all the fun holidays are on their way. Holiday season means many things for me. However, there is one thing in particular I love to do during this time of year, and it is to BAKE! It's when I get to pull out all my favorite recipes that are saved for special times and special times only. It usually generates an amazing amount of excitement in our home--Katie and Megan put on their adorable aprons and help mommy measure, sift and stir. Everyone fights over the beaters and everyone loves to help frost the holiday sugar cookies. One thing is for sure--the house always smells soooooooo.....good. MMMM.....In fact, as I write this, my stomach is growling since the house smells like Sunday cinnamon rolls. A little sweet morning treat for the family!

This past week, I kicked off Baking Season with a new recipe I wanted to try. So many people have made these in the past and so I wanted to give it a go....and it was a HUGE success. The Famous Peanut Butter Blossoms. I figured if I made something with peanut butter and chocolate, I couldn't fail, as it is truly a favorite combination for my little family...who are all addicted to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I have to say it was quite cute. When I pulled out all my equipment to start baking, Katie came running into the kitchen, grabbed her personalized pink princess apron, pushed a chair across the kitchen floor and pulled it up right next to me. Like always, she helped me create these tasty little morsels. Her favorite part is to test the cookie dough and in this case, we enjoyed a few Hershey's Kisses too. Once the cookies were done baking, we had so much fun pressing Kisses into the cookies and watching them crack. The sweetest moment for us though, is when we get to taste test the finished product. A warm peanut butter cookie with melty chocolate is so very delicious! I just love homemade cookies! But who doesn't! I love how baking brings the family together and creates memorable moments for us to share. This sweet season creates sweet times making sweet things. And as a mother, I truly cherish that!

I will share many of the sweet things I make here! So stay tuned....come back often to see what it is I've tried! I will be sharing them with you....well you won't be able to eat them so I'll just have to post the yummy recipe so you can bake these sweet treats for your friends and family! I would love to have you all share your favorite recipes with me! Feel free to leave comments for me with your family favorites.


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erinTphotography said...

YUMMY! You should host a holiday baking party at your house??? Gosh, I have great ideas.