Tuesday, July 29, 2008

EARTHQUAKE!!!! Not so SWEET Sensations...

"We're Alright", is the phrase I have used several times over the last couple of hours since the 5.4 quake hit!  And that we are.  The kids were a little shaken up, but everyone is fine now.  You ask, "what were you all doing when it hit?"  Well, Gary was sitting in the dentist chair and I was at home with the kids.  It was actually kind of funny.  I was talking on the phone to a friend. Eric was in the office working on the computer and the girls, in the bathtub.  While I was talking on the phone, the earthquake started.  I thought, "oh, just another small, earthquake"--as that is what we seem to get a lot of here in Riverside.  But, no...the small rolling turned into quite a LARGE jolt and at that point, I hung up on my friend (sorry! actually what was funny is I could hear her kids getting scared in the background and we both hung up on each other).  I then ran upstairs to check on the kids and found Eric standing in the office door jam with his legs apart and hands holding on!  He kept say, "I'm okay!" As for the girls, Megan had wrapped herself up in a towel, was also standing in the door jam of the master bedroom with Katie at her side.  Katie, however, had huge eyes and looked completely afraid....and she confirmed that! She sweetly said, "Mom, my shaking!"  I assured them everything was fine and complimented them on doing exactly what they were suppose to do....getting themselves into a safe place! Their earthquake training paid off!  Job well done kids!  You make your parents proud!  

After the earthquake, I walked around to assess our home.  I am happy to say I saw no damage was done to any of our property. It did manage to shake open the glass doors to our fireplace a bit and knocked over a few small things in the kids rooms.  However, nothing was broken or harmed.  It was a good shake, though, that's for sure.  A wake-up call.  A reminder of how we need to get our acts together.  To buy more flashlights.  Buy more batteries, water, non-perishable food and well, let's just say...I REALLY need to put together 72-hour packs for each member of the family.  I will get on that ASAP!  I don't think the BIG one is going to strike anytime soon...but you never know...that's what I've been hearing my entire life living in California.  Someday  it will happen.  Until then, we must live by the Boy Scout Motto, "Be Prepared".

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Girl, time to update your blog! You better not stop just because people don't leave comments, I hate leaving comments and have been trying to break out of my shell for the last two weeks, so here it goes!!!